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  • Tired of slow internet?

  • Can't access your security cameras when you're away?

  • Is your wireless router constantly dropping your connection?

  • Do you seem to have spotty Wi-Fi reception?

  • Does your online gaming system seem to be dragging?

If you answered yes to any of these questions AWS can help.

Wi-Fi Issues?

Control All Your Devices From Anywhere

Wi-Fi Network Setup

The modem/router combination that you get from your internet provider may have the latest technology, but if not property setup or located your devices will not function the way you envisioned. Remember one size does not fit all…. Larger buildings may need several Wi-Fi access points to create a wireless blanket also known as a mesh network. To have all these wireless devices work seamlessly, you first need a strong Wi-Fi network!

Before we install any device, we assess your needs and then survey your home or building to understand where there are possible interference issues or weak Wi-Fi signals. We then optimize your network for the best reception. Once we install your devices, we then teach you how to use them so you get the most out of your wireless devices. The overall goal is to have everything working seamlessly.


AWS Services 

Smart Home/Business Wi-Fi Router Setup or Troubleshooting

All these smart devices put a lot of demand on your Wi-Fi network. If you don’t have the correct internet package from your internet provider, devices may not perform as you would like. This is when things slow down. You can have the best wireless router on the market, but if your internet connect is at a basic level, all your devices are still going to be slow. We'll make sure your Wi-Fi network is up to the challenge.

When setting up your wireless network here are some of the things we do:

  • Setup your router to maximize performance and optimize security.

  • Setup all your wireless devices to communicate with your Wi-Fi network.

  • Assess your current setup and test signal strength to ensure a strong connection.

  • Place your router in best possible location to ensure optimal performance.

  • Recommend the best solution for dead spots and slow Wi-Fi speeds.

  • Setup unique SSID (Network Name) and password to protect your personal data.

  • Setup advanced settings like guest networks and parental controls.


IOT devices we install:

  • Wi-Fi Routers/Modems and Mesh networks.

  • Wi-Fi Thermostats.

  • Wi-Fi Security Cameras & Hardwired DVR Security Systems.

  • Wi-Fi Lawn Sprinkler Controller.

  • Wi-Fi Lighting Controls.

  • Wi-Fi Smart Door Locks.

  • Hard Wired NAS Drive data backup and Cloud storage.

  • Hard Wired Network Switches.

  • Ring Door Bells and Spotlight Cams.



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© 2019   Access Wireless Solutions LLC

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